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The UK has always had a prominent health promotion focus, looking to avoid illness and prevent disease where the facilities are there to defend the population. This recent article highlights how close we are to allowing infectious disease back into our everyday lives.

The immunity levels needed to prevent illness are dropping and it is hard to understand why.

There have been several stories in the past questioning the safety of these vaccines. These has been entirely disproved in recent years but still parents are not sure what is right for their children health.

The conversation about vaccinating your children is incredibly important. The responsibility for caring for young children is very heavy and if you are unsure it is often easiest to decide not to vaccinate.

How do you become sure?  By having an in-depth discussion with a doctor who is used to discussing and resolving these concerns. We have longer appointment times to answer all questions on these subjects. Another reason why we are a leader in private health care in this area.