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My husband and I decided that we would like our children vaccinated against chicken pox after a friend had recommended the Nuffield Hospital and in particular Dr Foster saying he was good at not making children cry during vaccinations(!), so I rang for an appointment and we were booked in within a week or so, I didn’t specify that we would like Dr Foster but got him anyway. The hospital is really nice, while waiting for the appointment we helped ourselves to free tea and coffee and there was even a bit of outside space for our children to run about in. When we went in for the appointment Dr Foster explained everything we needed to know about the vaccination and when we would have to come back for the second part. Then the bit I was dreading! First up was our 2 old, little jab in the leg and no tears! second our 1 year old, same again, little jab in the leg and no tears! Brilliant! This is obviously patient specific but we had no side effects and we’re happy in the knowledge that our little ones are protected. I’d definitely use the hospital again, the people were very professional and we received excellent service.

I have used the private GP service since it was introduced at the Nuffield three years ago. I am able to make appointments with the doctor of my choice on a day and time that suits me. I have received excellent medical care and attention from my Nuffield GP, and in conjunction with all the comprehensive medical facilities available at the Nuffield my health has improved, with the added advantage that that my medical stress level is now zero.

As the owner of three companies with a large workforce, I have regular Health Checks with Dr Tait and his team at the Nuffield, this gives me confidence that I can work without fear of Health Problems effecting my work performance.

I can endorse both Dr. Foster, from whom I have received the highest levels of care over the course of 4 years. My experience from initial diagnosis to follow-up care has been outstanding. Dr. Foster is thorough and extremely skilled, and takes the time to answer my questions and explain each step of the process with patience and good humour. I have been able to make appointments at my convenience, and any further treatment has been arranged immediately. The highly positive way in which other patients and staff describe Dr. Foster also attests to his standing. The levels of professionalism across this clinic are unwavering. It is run extremely efficiently, and staff have been nothing but approachable and helpful, on many occasions going above and beyond expectations.

The ease of booking an appointment and then getting quality time with the GP is a fantastic experience. You also have quick access to tests which is important when you have a busy lifestyle. The GPs are fantastic and have really listened to my health issues. On both occasions things have been discovered which were not picked up by my NHS GP. Having visited my GP on a number of occasions due to a certain health issue I was frustrated by waiting times for tests and the reluctance to explore the issues further. Having visited Dr Foster, we discussed my history, a number of tests were done which highlighted a couple of things which were abnormal. Whilst this is still ongoing the speed of appointment and the accessibility of the tests is wonderful. It certainly beats waiting in line at the hospital for blood tests and the results come back very quickly.

I have used the Nuffield GP practice on a couple of occasions over the last two years. My reason for the direct approach was twofold. Firstly, I could book an appointment to suit me. Knowing that a 30 minute appointment would give me plenty of time to describe all elements of my particular illness/problem. Because when your not feeling too good, sometimes your brain can take a bit of a holiday and things just take longer to describe. Seeing a GP at the Nuffield you never feel time is an issue. They take the time to listen and explain everything in detail. Secondly, the referral process is immediate, and the particular consultant will be known to them. Blood tests etc can be arranged immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend the GP service particularly as all the staff who I have had the pleasure to come into contact with, have been kind, courteous and professional.

The Nuffield GP service is excellent. 30 minute appointments, on a day and time to suit the patient, provide the GPs adequate time to thoroughly understand the reasons for the consultation and to build a rapport with the patient, and vice versa. Blood tests etc. can be arranged instantly meaning the results are available vey quickly; this in turn means that any treatment necessary can also be started quickly, saving the patient having to wait and worry.