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We offer a range of medicals to our patients, providing convenient and timely access to key examinations which enable both work and travel. International business people, and those who simply cannot wait for NHS treatment, are frequent patients of ours.

Whatever your need, we can help provide the medical examinations you need without the wait – and during an appointment long enough to discuss every detail. If the exam you require is not listed on this page, just contact us: we offer a fully comprehensive surgery beyond the most popular exams described below.


The law requires operators of Heavy Goods Vehicles to be in reasonably good health in order to carry out their work. New drivers, and drivers renewing their licence, must all undergo an examination.

The HGV medical exam is in two parts: in the first, the doctor and driver discuss any existing medical conditions and the candidate’s medical history; in the second, a physical examination is undertaken to test the driver’s vision, vital signs and so. The exam takes no more than thirty minutes. If all is well, our doctors will fill out the necessary DVLA form during the appointment.


Taxi drivers are expected to undergo a medical when applying for their licences. Our doctors complete a DVLA questionnaire for you, confirming that you meet the necessary standards and have undergone the appropriate examinations.

The doctor will use your medical history, and the examination itself, to determine that you meet the standards of vision, hearing, memory, sensation and so on that the DVLA require. The entire exam will take no more than thirty minutes.


To obtain a racing or rally license you will require a medical examination. In addition, drivers over 45 must have an annual medical. These examinations are based on the HGV requirements, and will pay particular attention to distance vision and colour perception.

In addition, our doctors will focus on cardiovascular performance and heart rate and blood pressure. A urine test will be taken to exclude diabetes, and any pre-existing conditions discussed and detailed. Examinations should take no longer than thirty minutes, and full paperwork will be provided by our doctors during the consultation.


There are a range of pre-travel medical examinations which are often found to be useful by travellers, particularly business-people and others going overseas for work. Companies which regularly post staff overseas are required to ensure that they protect the health of their staff. Pre-deployment medical exams are key to due diligence in this regard.

Whatever your needs as an employer, employee or other type of traveller, we are able to tailor medical exams precisely to your destination, circumstances and requirements. In addition, we offer a range of travel vaccinations for patients travelling to any region of the globe.

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December 4, 2017