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Imaging techniques and other diagnostics options are made fully and often immediately available to us and our patients from both Nuffield Health Warwickshire, Heath Lodge Clinic in Solihull and the BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry.

These facilities provide a full range of easily accessible imaging services, including state-of-the-art MRI and CT scanning. With recent investment in reporting technologies, immediate viewing of images is available through the paperless, filmless reporting system.

The full range of diagnostic services is available from your doctor – you can navigate the full list of available diagnostics via the Nuffield Hospital via their website here. In particular, our patients find the following diagnostics of particular interest and utility.


Ultrasound scanning is used to help monitor and diagnose conditions in many parts of the body including the kidneys, liver and heart.


A mammogram is a diagnostic test used to look for any problems within the breast and surrounding tissues.

CT Scans

Your doctor may recommend a CT scan (also known as a CAT scan) because it is the best way for us to make an accurate diagnosis for certain conditions. This involves exposure to radiation like an X-ray.

MRI Scans

Your doctor may recommend an MRI scan because it is the best way to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. This is a magnetic investigation which may not be suitable for patients with metal replacement joints, heart valves or pacemakers.


An echocardiogram is an ultrasound procedure to examine your heart and its function including the level of blood flow.

Our thirty-minute appointments allow you and your doctor to discuss your symptoms and condition at length. We believe in helping our patients achieve peace of mind and the highest quality care; onsite diagnostics are all part of that service.

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December 4, 2017